MountainTop Mnemonics


About Us

MTTOP Inc., a company that produces educational material, was created by elementary school teacher India Williams. After years of teaching, she realized children needed help remembering language arts objectives, spelling rules, and math concepts which were necessary for their success. What was taught on Monday was often forgotten by Friday. This gave birth to MountainTop Mnemonics which is a clever, fun visual presentation of children using rhyme, rhythm, and motion to remember what has been taught.


MountainTop Mnemonics covers language arts, spelling, and math objectives that are part of every educational curriculum (TEKS objectives - pdf). MountainTop Mnemonics simplifies what has been taught and adds rhyme, rhythm, and motion to the definition (MountainTop Components - pdf). By using the MountainTop Mnemonics method, children can easily recall facts. This should result in improved test scores.


MountainTop Mnemonics is beneficial for all children including Special Education and English Second Language students.

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